8BitDo Pro 2, the controller is perfected with more customization

8bitdo pro 2 diseno.jpg
8bitdo pro 2 diseno.jpg

Historically, the search for alternative brand gaming controls meant the intention to save money beyond lower quality or inferior features. Nevertheless, with the appearance of brands like 8bitdo everything has changed and it is possible to get a “Premium” experience above the rest, such is the example of its latest model 8BitDo Pro 2.

8BitDo Pro 2 is a controller for video games which points to an evolution of 8BitDo commands that have already been seen in the past and that had an approach to the style of Nintendo of the first generations. With button customization, multiple user profiles, and switching based on the console being used, It has become much more than an option to the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Features of 8BitDo Pro 2

8BitDo Pro 2
Official site 8BitDo
Dimensions 153.6 x 100.6 x 64.5mm
Weight 228 grams
Colors black, white, gray
Featured Features Six-axis gyroscope, improved grip, modifiable vibration, two customizable back buttons, buttons to change profile and mode of use, customization through Ultimate Software for Windows, Android and iOS
Compatibility Switch, Windows(Steam), macOS, Android, Raspberry Pi
Usage profiles 3 for each platform
connectivity Bluetooth 4.0, USB-C
Drums Lithium-Ion 1000 mAh
Autonomy 20 hours of use, 4 hours to recharge
Accessories Controller, USB-C cable, user manual

Three color design

8BitDo Pro 2

8BitDo Pro 2 has everything you need for modern gaming

With the launch of this model, the intention was to put aside what was seen in its previous releases a little more, where the aesthetics of the SNES and Super Famicom controls were emulated but with the addition of analog ones. Here logically we are faced with a evolution of what was seen in the SN30 Pro + model that can now be purchased in three different colors, black, white and gray.

8BitDo Pro 2 has a conventional format for its buttons with its own distribution of Nintendo controls that is, B, A, Y, X, in addition to a crosshead that continues to be one of its great differentials compared to the creations of other brands on the market, and two analog ones in a horizontal arrangement.

With small “Start” and “Select” buttons in the middle, there is also room for two small circular “Home” and “Capture” buttons that are logically inspired by the Switch Pro Controller in addition to a middle button to switch between three user profiles (with three small LED lights to know which one is active).

Finally, in addition to the obvious L, ZL, R, and ZR buttons at the top, two customizable buttons, P1 and P2, have been added on the back which are logically positioned near the index finger so as not to have to move the analog thumbs at any time in certain games.

It is worth emphasizing that the small switch that can be seen on the back with the letters S, A, D and X allows you to put the controller compatible with Nintendo Switch mode, Mac (Apple), Android (DirectInput) and Windows (XInput). Thus, you no longer have to press a combination of buttons as in the SN30 Pro + to make this change.

Battery and battery holder

8BitDo Pro 2

8BitDo Pro 2 has triggers and back buttons

One of the most common discussions in past generations of consoles focuses on the choice of a integrated battery for Playstation and Nintendo controls, while Xbox continues to bet on the use of batteries which logically avoids the wear of its autonomy but with the obligation of having to spend on rechargeable batteries and remember to recharge them before playing.

For this occasion 8BitDo Pro 2 includes both a 1000 mAh Lithium-Ion unit that promises around 20 hours of autonomy on a single charge, but its rear central cavity can be removed and add two AA batteries for those who prefer an alternative method of wireless use.

Compared to the Nintendo Switch controller, here there is a gyroscope for movement actions in games that are compatible and logically it has vibration but without reaching the level of “HD Rumble”, in addition to the impossibility of scanning Amiibos or waking up the console from sleep mode when the “Home” button is pressed.

Lots of customization options

8BitDo Pro 2

8BitDo Pro 2 is ideal for perfectionist players

The multiple configuration options for 8BitDo Pro 2 focus once on the use of a software available for download on Windows as well as Android and iOS called 8BitDo Ultimate Software which requires a first synchronization through a cable connection to the computer but then you can modify its parameters wirelessly.

Users have at their disposal the changing the button layout to any other input, as well as modifying the sensitivity of the analog sticks and analog triggers, set dead zones and even swap the levers each other or the direction pad.

The software does not forget to add support for macro actions, that is, sequences of programmed buttons free customization with any of the digital buttons. Not only does this help improve performance with combos in fighting games or reaction in FPS, but it also adds more options like setting the timing of macros and even putting specific pauses between inputs.

In conclusion, The advantage of this control in relation to the previous Pro model focuses on multiple profiles. After making extensive adjustments to take advantage of certain games, it can be stored in three different profiles and then enabled or changed by simply pressing the profile button between the analog sticks. Also, profiles are individual for each system modeso the number grows with several sets of separate profiles between PC, mobile and Switch games.

  • Design with excellent materials
  • Three configuration profiles available
  • Multiple controller configuration options
  • Easy switch between PC, Switch, Android and iOS mode
  • Works with long autonomy battery as well as AA batteries
  • Design loses the classic Nintendo style of other previous models
Total score