6 reasons why the vivo X80 Pro is the most desired mobile of 2023

vivo x80 pro.jpg
vivo x80 pro.jpg

He has done it again. The manufacturer alive The one who has already landed on the podium of the best has put us on a platter. The new vivo X80 Pro is the most desired mobile of 2023 for many users.

Although there are many advantages that it can boast, below we summarize the six qualities of the device that have taken him to the top of the best smartphones of the moment. 3, 2, 1… Let’s start!

This is the most desired mobile screen of 2023

We cannot deny it: screens are the calling card of mobile devices. And precisely for this reason it is very important that manufacturers take care to offer us screens that live up to expectations. And this vivo X80 Pro could not be left behind in this section.

What can we expect from the vivo X80 Pro mobile screen? First of all, we can mention that it is a Ultra Vision E5 display with DisplayMate A+ certification and a 3D curvature

It offers us a very generous size, with 6.78 inches and 2K resolution (1,440 x 3,200 px). It has an exceptional image quality, supported by a pixel density of 517 ppia peak brightness of up to 1,500 nitsa contrast ratio of 8000000:1 and more of 1.07 billion colors. In addition to a brutal image quality, it is also very fast, thanks to the refresh rate of 120hz.

It is also worth noting that thanks to technology LTPO We will no longer have to worry about energy efficiency being a problem, since we will be able to save energy while enjoying a license plate display.

The mobile designed to play

Another reason why the vivo X80 Pro is the most desired mobile of 2023 is that it is clearly focused on the experience gaming. Whether you are a gamer experienced as if you just like to play a little game once in a while, this is a device with very good qualities.

With the eagle eye mode We will have a level of detail and spectacular colors in each scene of our games. Besides, his haptic system makes the game virtually pop out of the screen thanks to vibration responses that are coordinated with the actions of what is happening in each game.

Sound is also very important for a better gaming experience. In this section, we can mention that the vivo X80 Pro equips a dual stereo speakerwhich offers us an immersive experience and a superlative volume level.

And finally, so you don’t have to worry about the performance of the terminal, it includes a ultra-large liquid-cooled vapor chamberto always keep the terminal fresh even if you are fighting the toughest of battles on the pitch.

vivo x80 pro

The performance of the smartphone vivo X80 Pro is a “power poker”

Speaking of performance, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business in this field. The live himself defines it as a “power poker”. We have two chips working hand in hand: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and a live v1+ that give us brutal speed and power.

RAM memory, which comes with 12GBis of the LPDDR5 type, which offers superior performance, while its UFS 3.1 internal storage allows us faster reading and writing, with 256GB. Note that it does not have slot for a memory card, so it is a decision that you should think about a couple of times to be sure.

Finally, we mention its GPU, it is a adreno 730which we have already seen in other high-end terminals and which, together with the data mentioned above, take the gaming experience to another level.

Camera: The most desired mobile of 2023 has a partnership with ZEISS

About the camera of this vivo X80 we could write a whole thesis, since it is full of nuances. In fact, we will publish an article talking only about her to be able to elaborate and go into more detail.

But since we are talking here about the reasons why this vivo X80 Pro is the most desired mobile of the year, we could not fail to mention its camera.

The rear camera mounts a quad lens: 50 MP f/1.57, 8 MP f/3.4, 12 MP f/1.85 and 48 MP f/2.2. As for stabilization, we have OIS on the 50 MP main camera and on the 8 MP telephoto camera, and a gimbal on the 12 MP portrait camera. The result of this combination is a real show. We will be able to capture images in great detail, whether they are portraits, panoramas, everyday scenes or more special moments. We can highlight your perception engine with AI and Natural Color from ZEISS, which will help us capture all the colors of nature just as your eyes are seeing them. The night scene doesn’t disappoint either, thanks to technology Pure Night Viewnor the sharpness in each image, which is supported by the ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating to avoid reflections and «effect ghosting«.

As for video recording, it does not disappoint either and reaches 8K, with image stabilizer. It is the camera that Almodóvar would like.

vivo x80 pro

Charge your battery your way

And we end with another of the sections that stands out the most in this vivo X80 Pro. It is not only that it comes with a good capacity, 4,700mAhso that autonomy is not a problem, it also comes with different charging options so that you can give it energy in the way that you feel most comfortable with.

Do you want to charge your mobile by cable, like all your life? It will go at full speed, thanks to its technology 80W. Prefer the freedom of wireless charging? The technology FlashCharge live offers us 50W.

In addition, it also incorporates reverse charge functionso you can use it as a power bank and you can charge other devices, such as your headphones or even your secondary mobile, with your new vivo X80 Pro.

ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

And to finish, the sixth reason why this vivo X80 Pro has put the public in their pocket is its large ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. It offers speed, reliability and great ease when configuring it, but also when unlocking the terminal. In addition, it also provides great security since it allows us to encrypt apps with a double fingerprint or allow direct access to apps from the unlock area.

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