Honor Band 6, we tested this modern and inexpensive smart bracelet

honor band 6.jpg
honor band 6.jpg

The Honor Band 6 is an intelligent device that initially attracts by its low price, is more modest than the HONOR Watch GS Pro, but that convinces by its multiple functions. Almost halfway between a bracelet and a watch, we have temporarily received, courtesy of the manufacturer, the device to share the impressions with you, our readers. We have worn it on the wrist paired with it smartphone a few days, and it is time to give details of your features Y functioning.

Unboxing and design of the Honor Band 6 smart bracelet

The Band 6 it’s a new bracelet HONOR with smart capabilities. A device designed for a active lifestyle and pulsating, which allows to be connected at all times to our smartphone. Improving aspects of previous versions, the manufacturer bets on a product versatile, modern and price affordable.

Honor Band 6

A simple but effective box

The bracelet comes to us in a simple box that centers the design on the image of the device. The packaging opts for a bottom White so as not to steal the spotlight from the product or the information it offers. Only the sides of the box have a touch of color, in blue, with a watermark of the manufacturer’s name. Texts appear only in English, but the little ones help a lot iconsarranged to highlight the key points of the Band 6.

Honor Band 6

Highlights of the bracelet broken down on the back of the case

When opening the package, the first thing to hand is the bracelet. Collected in a simple cardboard crib, the rest of the elements that accompany the product are kept inside: USB charging cable Y documentation including a Quick Start Guide.

Honor Band 6

The accessories included with the product in the package

Physical appearance of the Honor Band 6

The bracelet Honor have a discreet look. The manufacturer distributes the Band 6 with three strap colors: White; Black; Y rose; and they all have a black screen box. For the test of the product they have given us the reference with pink bracelet. The rectangle / frame that houses the screen of the device has dimensions of 43 x 25.4 mm, with a thickness of 10.99 mm. It has on the right side the single button of the device, and on the left side is marked the word HONOR.

Honor Band 6

Perfect size, it is very comfortable to wear

At the base of the bracelet are located, uncovered, the connectors of the device to recharge the battery, and the sensors that record user parameters. The strap is thin, about 15 mm wide, it is made of silicone, and has a length of approximately 18 cm.

Technical details and features of the Honor smart bracelet

The good design and finish of the product is complemented by many functionalities, which are what make this technological product interesting. These are some of the most relevant points of the Band 6 from Honor.

Device display

The key to this type of device is none other than the display. In this reference we find a fantastic screen with panel AMOLED from 1.47 inches, and resolution from 194 x 368 pixels. It allows to show all the information with detail and clarity, even when we are in full sun. Logically, it is a touch screen, and we have the option to choose between many spheres, to adapt the style of the device to our personality. The button is used to activate the screen, which also turns on automatically when it detects the turn of the wrist.

Honor Band 6

AMOLED display

Battery and charging

The Honor Band 6 has a good battery of 180 mAh, with which he can hold up to 14 days. Making a intensive use of the bracelet the normal thing is that it resists 10 days no need to recharge. But, obviously, all this will also depend on the settings we make of the device and how intense we are. The charging cable is included, of type USB with the end that connects to the bracelet magnetized, so it is super easy to carry out the process. Furthermore, this model has the advantage of fast charge, and 10 minutes connected to a power source are enough to extend the autonomy for 3 days.

Honor Band 6

Charging connectors for the magnetic clip

Bracelet connectivity

This device can only be used when paired by bluetooth with a mobile phone that has the app Huawei Health. The health app of Huawei is available on all platforms (Android, ios Y Huawei, of course), and it will be necessary to register in it before using it, if we do not have a user account. To recognize the Honor Band 6 in a Smartphone from Huawei we have had no problem, it has been a process of a few seconds. However, we have to indicate that in a Mi A3 terminal, with Android system, we have not been able to link the bracelet. This model did not even appear among the options to register it in the app. Presumably it will appear in an upcoming update.

Honor Band 6

Pairing via Bluetooth

Features and functionalities

This bracelet is versatile and practical. Allows use even in water activities, as it guarantees a 5 ATM water resistance (50 meters). It has been designed as a small smart digital assistant, which facilitates the user operations of all kinds with the mobile. From consulting the climatology, control the music, shoot the camera photos or consult notifications from Messenger service.

Honor Band 6

Heart rate tracking

Another of its attractions is the constant monitoring of the heart rate, and the possibility of measuring the blood oxygen level. In addition, it is a great gym companion by including ten training modes, and record all our daily physical activity.

Honor Band 6

Record all daily activity

The bracelet even keeps track of our sleep routine, to help us enjoy better nights and give suggestions that provide quality rest.

Technical data of the Honor Band 6

The specifications of this device are as follows:

Honor Band 6
Weight 18 g approx.
Dimensions 43 x 25.4 x 10.99 mm
Materials Metal, plastic and silicone
  • Black
  • White
  • rose
Display technology AMOLED full touch
Dimension 1.47 inch
Resolution 194 x 368 pixels
Kind Rechargeable
Ability 180 mAh
Autonomy Up to 14 days (10 days with heavy use)
Others Quick charge (10 minutes 3 days standby)
Connection ports
loading port Magnetic
Bluetooth 5.0
Functions and features
Waterproof 5 ATM
Sports functions
  • 10 training modes including:
    • running, walking, swimming, and biking
Smart life
  • Capture photos with the smartphone through the watch
  • Music playback control (Android only)
  • Manage phone calls via Bluetooth
  • Check the weather
Health (monitors)
  • 24/7 heart rate: HUAWEI TruSeen ™ 4.0 compatible with advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to ensure accuracy
  • SpO2 – tracks blood oxygen saturation level throughout the day to help maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Sleep – Accurately monitor sleep time and sleep quality with HUAWEI TruSleep ™ and provide a detailed sleep quality assessment with personalized recommendations to improve sleep quality
software Huawei Health App
Compatibility Android 5.0 and higher. IOS 9.0 or later
Buttons 1
Box contents
  • Honor Band 6
  • Charging cable (without charger adapter)
  • User manual

Conclusions about the Honor Band 6 bracelet

Honor Band 6

A luxurious screen and many functions

We have no doubts, the Honor Band 6 it fulfills all that it promises. For a tight price, we get a device well made, with materials of quality, What is it comfortable to carry and very easy to use. The best is your screen, of course, with lots of spheres to suit your personal style. But the large amount of functions which includes, to interact and manage the smartphone, and especially the monitoring of key points of the Health, make the product a great accessory.

After testing it for a few days, at Honor Band 6 we grant him the Gizlogic Gold Award.

GizAwards 2018

  • Very easy to use.
  • Varied features and apps to monitor health / improve fitness.

  • Without GPS or NFC.

Total score


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