Tronsmart Apollo Air, we tested these noise canceling headphones

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tronsmart apollo air.jpg

The wireless headphones They are one of the star products of the season. And among the most modern proposals are the Tronsmart Apollo Air. An advanced and quality model that, as happened with the loudspeaker Tronsmart T6 Max, the manufacturer has given us for a while to be able to see its benefits live. After using it temporarily, we are in a position to comment on its characteristics and share on the Web the sensations that they have transmitted to us. We set out to discover all its qualities, not without first thanking the manufacturer for the courtesy. We started.

Presentation, design and construction of the Tronsmart Apollo Air headphones

The Apollo Air, from Tronsmart, they hit the market as elegant headphones and compact dimensions. A product designed to satisfy with the best performance the sound reproduction and transmit voice by way of wireless. The manufacturer focuses, mainly, its objective on the liquid and dust resistance, while providing a good sound.

Product packaging

The Apollo Air they are delivered in a small, sturdy blister with a cheerful design. Betting on a colorful style, the play of tones of the case embraces a great image of the headphones, which attract the attention. Product information texts appear only in English, although a series of icons help to understand in a very visual way the advantages of the product of Tronsmart.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Very colorful presentation of the product that is attractive

The back has a profusion of details that expand in detail the characteristics of this device.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

All device details on the back of the box

The box has a simple, although laborious opening. Removing the cover reveals, in the foreground, the headphones, the case and the extra pads. Under the cradle that houses all these elements we find the rest of accessories and the documentation.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Look at the opened blister

Product content and design

Next to headphones Tronsmart Apollo Air we get a short USB / USB-C charging cable; a assortment of pads, in different sizes; and a little manual, in English, with a limited section on Castilian and other languages.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Just and necessary to enjoy the device

Tronsmart Apollo Air Headphone Case

With the Apollo Air a protective and charging case which is a fundamental incentive for the acquisition of the product. By having own battery It allows to have a backrest that increases the autonomy of reproduction of the helmets. The accessory replicates the color style of the headphones, to make a perfect match.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

The inside of the case with the relevant recesses for the headphones

As compact as the headphones themselves, it has a pleasant design, with rounded sides, which makes it easy to transport. Count with one small led that indicates the status. On the reverse there is a port USB-C to charge it.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

USB-C charging port and pairing button on the back of the case

The case is magnetized, so it has a secure closure, and it holds the headphones firmly. Inside it has a couple of holes made to measure for each headset. So it does not have any complication to fit the helmets inside.

The Apollo Air headphones

What it offers us Tronsmart they are a device model in-ear. They are for sale in color black or White. Are quite little ones and above all very light. The whole set, case and helmets, only weigh 40 grams. They have been manufactured in hard plastic, adapting to the user’s ear with pads from silicone.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Compact and lightweight

The connectors for recharging its batteries can be clearly seen on the inside of the swab. The Apollo Air have small holes, distributed in the upper, middle and lower area, for their microphones.


The Tronsmart Apollo Air They stand out for the simplicity of their handling. Thanks to touch sensor arranged in each of the helmets, the operations to be carried out are very intuitive. Depending on the type and number of keystrokes, the device regulates the volume, jump songs or attend calls, for example. This system responds quickly, and is very comfortable to use.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Touch sensor to control the functions in each earbud

Tronsmart Apollo Air Headphones Features

The product has connectivity Bluetooth 5.2. The best and most advanced of this technology, which among its advantages reduces battery consumption and offers a great data transmission. Of course, it is compatible with all kinds of devices from phones to computers. The built-in battery in the headphones gives them an autonomy of up to 5 hours of use.

Sound quality

The ability to reproduce sound in the best way, in this model, is the result of the combination of the advanced chip Qualcomm QCC3046, with high-quality audio decoding, and the drivers from graphene. The result is an experience full of nuances and power, without any problems lag or desynchronization.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Six-microphone design for crystal clear conversation

In addition, by having six microphones, we have one crystal clarity on calls.

Extra qualities

The Tronsmart Apollo Air are ideal for active users, being protected against liquids as the certificate testifies IP45. In addition, thanks to the battery in the case we will enjoy 20 extra hours of autonomy. And we cannot forget its powerful system Noise Cancellation, up to 35 dB, or the ambient mode to hear our surroundings while listening to music.

Tronsmart Apollo Air

20 extra hours of operation thanks to the case

Tronsmart Apollo Air Headphones Technical Specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the Tronsmart Apollo Air:

Tronsmart Apollo Air
Headphone physical characteristics
Colour Black or white
Control Smart touch
Physical characteristics of the case
Dimensions 2.36 x 1.27 x 1.46 inches
Weight 40 g approx.
Colour Black or white
Case Materials Rigid plastic
Case buttons One
Case indicators Battery level / charge status indicator LED
Headphone connectivity
Bluetooth 5.2
Supported profiles HFP / HSP / AVRCP / A2DP
Scope Up to 10 meters
Headphone Specifications
Controller 10 mm
Impedance 32Ω
Chip Qualcomm® QCC3046
Others graphene driver
Battery specs
Battery capacity
  • Headphones: 35 mAh
  • Case: 300 mAh
  • Headphones: 5 hours
  • Case: 20 hours
Charging ports on the case USB-C
IPX rating IP45
  • Control volume, tracks and calls
  • Six-microphone design
  • Active noise cancellation 35 dB
  • Three modes for different usage scenarios
Box contents
  • Apollo Air
  • Warranty card
  • User manual
  • Extra pads x 2
  • Type C cable

Conclusions, availability and price of the Tronsmart Apollo Air

Tronsmart Apollo Air

Technology that beats competitors

The excellent performance of the headphones Tronsmart Apollo Air They are only surpassed by the good sound what are you offering. It is an accessory advanced to the competition, really functional Y super practical. We are only surprised that the manufacturer has not been more generous with the battery capacity of the case, but the truth is that it is not something serious enough to overshadow the good sensations that the product has given us.

The Tronsmart Apollo Air They are a quality product and very enjoyable, for that reason we grant them the Gold GizAward.

GizAwards 2018

  • Simple and comfortable control.
  • Quality sound.
  • Resistance to liquids.

  • The case is low on battery.
Total score


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