Temporary photos on WhatsApp, they will soon be able to self-destruct


WhatsApp already allows the option of messages can be deleted to prevent the recipient from reading something we no longer want or to tell him something and delete it immediately if you have regretted it or if you think it could be used against you. But we lacked one of the qualities that do exist in other apps, such as Telegram or Instagram and they are the photos that can only be viewed once. The temporary photos on WhatsApp are about to arrive.

How will temporary photos work on WhatsApp?

According to the source of this leak, the temporary photos in WhatsApp will work in a very similar way to that of Instagram, although some details that are especially important when we send the photos in this way remain to be polished, since it indicates that we need a certain additional privacy .

The user can choose how to send the photo, if you want it to be temporary or to stay in the chat indefinitely. If you choose the first option, a message will appear in the image indicating that, to view it, you have to click on it. It can only be seen once, or at least this is the intention of the temporary photos in WhatsApp, but the reality is that the source of this leak itself does not know if it can be seen only once or only until the window of the chat.

On the other hand, it is not clear whether WhatsApp will make any additional effort to avoid screenshots or at least to notify the user when this happens (something that does happen already on Instagram), something essential if we take into account that the purpose of sending the photos in this format is precisely to prevent them from being viewed more than once or that can be distributed.

As for the time of arrival, it is expected to happen in the coming weeks.

Via | WABetaInfo


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