Anker introduces its first PowerConf C300 camera

powerconf c300 camara.jpg
powerconf c300 camara.jpg

The consequences of pandemic has allowed many people to fulfill the dream of being able to work directly from their homes, although it has also brought with it the complications of distracting pets and family, connectivity problems and lack of technical equipment to fulfill tasks. In the latter case, there are many companies launching their own solutions and This is the case with Anker with its new PowerConf C300 camera.

PowerConf C300 is the first professional webcam (We tested their Anker eufyCam 2C security camera in January) launched by the renowned brand Anker Innovations, a global leader in charging products (generally popular for its external batteries) and developer of consumer technology products. This product is part of a new range of devices to work from home called AnkerWork.

AnkerWork PowerConf C300 Features

PowerConf C300

PowerConf C300 professionalizes home communications

This webcam is not one more product among the thousands that are in stores, since its capacity to Representing native images in Full HD resolution is added an integrated chip to enhance improvements through artificial intelligence.

Its capabilities include accurate color reproduction and great performance in low-light environments available. You can choose from three field of view modes: 78º for close-ups, 90º for an intermediate option, or 115º for the widest field of view, as well as personalizing the experience to your liking so that nothing unwanted is seen during a work communication.

For your artificial intelligence advantages, Powerconf C300 enables intelligent image cropping that makes it easy to keep an individual or group members focused on the screen at all times. Your system recognizes faces and automatically tracks movements by panning and tilting the camera, as well as the camera. “MagicSight” technology works in real time to automate the field of vision according to the number of people participating in the meeting.

Finally, the camera doesn’t forget about sound level enhancements with a pair of built-in dual stereo microphones, an active noise cancellation system and an active gain control that keeps the protagonist’s voice clear even in noisy family environments.

Those interested in buying the AnkerWork PowerConf C300 they can already do it in the Spanish territory through and other selected stores to a price of € 129.99.

Official site / Anker


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