Samsung Galaxy Watch3, video and review of the Samsung smart watch

samsung galaxy watch3
samsung galaxy watch3

Smart watches have become a staple for anyone. Many brands are releasing their own models with very varied offers in quality and price. Samsung has been betting on this type of device for some time, with more or less success, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. However, we bring you today the analysis of the latest model of the brand within this market niche, the expected Samsung Galaxy Watch3. What does it have to offer? Well, read on to discover all the aspects that affect the use and enjoyment of this device.

Design success, rotating bezel spin

Smart watches are devices designed to be useful and to be able to perform many tasks with the help of them. However, we cannot forget that these are still just another complement, and a good design is essential to be a smartwatch of superior quality. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has a design that fuses classic and modern touches very well, with the turn of the rotating bezel, the protruding buttons and the leather strap. In this way, Samsung has returned to the option of choosing the functions and navigating the watch through the bezel, which rotates in both directions very smoothly.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The materials have metallic finishes throughout the dial, this makes the watch stand out a lot in the face of bright light. Its size also helps it stand out, especially its thickness, which is quite remarkable. There are two models with two different measures, one of 41 x 42, 11.3 mmThis is the smallest and has more limited features; we have the 45 x 46.2 x 11.1 mm one. There is also a clear difference in weight, as the former only weighs 48 grams and ours reaches 53 grams. Neither of them are excessively large or heavy, but it must be admitted that for certain tasks we have noticed an extra load that can be annoying.

A very important issue is that of protections, which in this particular watch are quite complete. First of all, the military resistance to blows, Besides, the IP68 protection against splashes and dust damage, finally the 5ATM which makes it a watch resistant to submersion so it is waterproof. Colors Where you can find this watch are the Mystic Black, Mystic Silver and the Mystic Bronze.

Another great screen from Samsung

The Korean firm has once again surprised us with a screen that is far above the competition in quality. Implementing technologies that are usually applied in mobile phones to a smart watch is an impressive advance, since the surface Super AMOLED it is shocking from the first second. As it manages to remain visible in situations of high light exposure, the great tonality of each of the colors or, even, the ease of seeing the screen under water are unique aspects.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

The screen is tagile with 1.2 inches, more than enough to be able to view everything comfortably, in addition, its resolution is 360 x 360 pixels. All interactions on this screen are designed to be as comfortable as possible, such as turning it off when we put the palm of the hand on it. The level of customization is not the widest in the world, but you can change the spheres of the screen from the application so that they are not always with the same design. And if all this were not enough, it has a protection system with the Corning Gorilla Glass, which we have already talked about in other reviews, this protects the screen from possible scratches and bumps.

Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch3 useful? We analyze its functions

As it happened in other devices of the brand, connecting the watch with Samsung devices is much more efficient because it is designed to interact directly with them. However, it can be used more than efficiently with any Android mobile, although, for this, we need to download a couple of signature plugins, as well as the application Samsung Wearable. From the latter we can customize the dial, as well as add and remove widgets, locate the watch in the event of loss or theft and a long etcetera.

But it is the functions that really attract the attention of the user of this type of next-generation watch. It is true that within this market there are options that have an infinity of options for all types of sports and tasks, in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Wacth3 the list is shorter, but more than enough to make your purchase profitable. Everything you have is very useful and can really be used. It has Samsung Health, where all sports and health tracking applications are included, such as sleep quality or stress levels. You can receive calls and messages by linking the mobile phonebook, also make payments with Samsung Pay or even listen to music by connecting a wireless player.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

State-of-the-art sensors help make all measurements and monitoring highly accurate

We can always add and remove things, which together with a good design of the menu itself, aided by the rotating bezel, make it one of the most comfortable watches to handle. The work that Tizen has done with Samsung helps a lot, which with version 5.5 have achieved a great leap in quality in terms of usability and handling.

Limited performance

Undoubtedly, performance is one of the few problems that can be attributed to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. The limitation is not so focused on the processor, which is a Exynos 9110 that can more than support the requirements of the watch. In our opinion, the problem arises in the only gigabyte of RAM it has, since a little more could do it wrong to avoid small lag problems that appear after continued use. However, you should not worry too much since it is not something very cheeky and you can enjoy this smartwatch to spare. Simply, seeing the great bet that Samsung has made in this model, we expected a little more in this section.

Basic but efficient connectivity and battery

The connections handled by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 are the typical wireless ones that all smartwatches on the market have. It thus has a connection Wifi, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC, all have the function of making the watch as efficient as possible, being able to do any type of task or operation without the need to carry anything else. In addition, it has geolocation systems such as GPS, Beidou, Galileo or Glonass, therefore this aspect is also quite complete. It should be noted that everything is based on 4G, so the connections work in a magnificent way and we should not have any problems with the network.

As for the battery, it is undoubtedly one of the points that we should take into account the most in this type of device. Running out of battery can often be a big hassle and that is why Samsung has wanted to give its Watch 3 a good capacity. As we have already said, we have the 45 mm model, and it has a battery of 340 mAh, which allows a very wide continuous and habitual use, spending more than two days. On the other hand, if the use is more standard and we only use the functions that consume the most performance, the battery can last several more days.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Features of Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Dimensions 45 x 46.2 x 11.1 mm.
Weight 53 grams
Colors Black, silver and bronze
Operating system Android 4.4
Camera Not
Screen Super AMOLED, 1.2 inches and 360 x 360 resolution
Processor Exynos 9110
Internal memory 8 GB
Connectivity 4G
Endurance IP68, military shock resistance and 5ATM
Sensors Heart rate Pulse Oximeter Accelerometer Gyroscope, barometer, ambient light
  • Capacity: 340 mAh
  • Autonomy: 56 H typical use / 151 H basic use
  • Samsung Health (Multisport, stress, heart rate, etc)
  • Timer
  • Calendar
  • Messenger service
  • Samsung Pay
  • Music
  • Etc
Box contents
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
  • Samsung Wireless Charger
  • Manuals

Availability and price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Without any doubt, this watch is one of the best that can be found within the mid-range. For this reason, we think it is a very viable option for those looking for a smart wacth with a good design and enough functions to keep track of daily activity. It is true that if what you are looking for is a much more basic watch, maybe the Samsung Galaxy Wacth 3 is too much. However, for all that it has to offer in each of its sections, accompanied by a price that is not excessively high, we have awarded it a fairly high note and it rises with the Silver GizAward.

Samsung Galaxy Wacth3

Here are some purchase links:

  • A great design
  • Large number of functions
  • One of the best screens on the market
  • Ease of handling

  • Somewhat limited battery
  • Small performance issues

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