Haylou LS05S, a complete smartwatch with an ideal price

haylou ls05s rt.jpeg
haylou ls05s rt.jpeg

Just as the world of mobile phones has seen the appearance of a great variety of brands from China that have quickly made a place among Western users, now it is the wereables category who sees the launch of a large number of alternatives each season. This time it is time to analyze one of the favorite models of the last year: Haylou LS05S.

Haylou LS05S RT is an entry-level smartwatch that stands out for the excellent relationship achieved between all its available functions, the general quality of its materials and the reduced price that is requested in return. From the classic heart sensor, through twelve available sports modes and reaching a battery that promises a range above the average, sion doubts is a wereable to consider if you want to save on the road.

Haylou LS05S Features

Haylou LS05S
Dimensions 45mm x 22mm x 264.5mm
Weight 50.4 grams
Colors Black
Screen size 1.28 inch (240 x 240 pixels)
Material Silicone
Waterproof Yes, IP68 certification
Sports modes Indoor and outdoor running, cycling, hiking, yoga, climbing, soccer, basketball, gym, rowing, spinning and free training
Characteristics Alarm, temperature, pedometer, heart rate monitor, remote notifications, sedentary alert, call and message notifications, social app notifications, music playback control, lost phone search, sleep quality meter, breathing training .
Camera Not
Includes battery Yes, 300 mAh
Autonomy 20 days in standard use, 30 days in standby
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Heart rate sensor Yes
Compatibility Android 6.0 onwards, iOS 11 or later
Box contents Clock, USB Cable, User Manual
Official site Haylou

Circular design with metal body

Haylou LS05S

Haylou LS05S has a metal frame for durability

As you can see in the images that accompany the article, this device is designed to accompany users during sports activities, so the strap is made of silicone with the addition of nano technology that allows greater breathing when making contact with the wrist, even if one is sweaty.

However, Haylou LS05S does not skimp on quality when it comes to its main body, since its circular format with two physical buttons on its side has a metal construction that promises greater durability and resistance to small bumps. As if that were not enough, there is IP68 certification, which means that it can withstand the accumulation of dust as well as splashes of water on its surface without being damaged.

With a total weight of 54 grams and a dial diameter of 22 mm, the watch is undoubtedly light enough. to be used by people of both genders and any age. It is worth emphasizing that its name with the S ending does not mention a smaller version in relation to the Haylou Solar LS05 standard model, to the point that in the comparison there are almost no differences in sight.

General performance details

Haylou LS05S

Haylou LS05S is available in a single color

As previously stated, the format chosen for your screen is circular type and consists of a total size of 1.28 inches with a native resolution of 240 x 240 pixels, while there is no lack of support for touch controls and full color reproduction for an optimal viewing experience of the recorded data.

Inside, its battery is one of the strengths when compared to other cheap models that usually give very few hours of use before needing a replacement. Here is added a 300 mAh Lithium-Ion unit that allows to reach an autonomy of up to 30 days in standby (with Bluetooth, heart monitor and other functions disabled) or about 20 days activating the heart rate sensor twice a week for exercise activities.

Justly your heart sensor can be in use throughout the 24 hours to detect every small change in how your body works, as well as sending daily notifications and even saving the data throughout the week to generate statistics of the changes over time. The other sensor available is the classic pedometer, which takes care of various sports and health functions detailed below.

12 sports modes supported

Haylou LS05S

Haylou LS05S is a good complement to exercise

Thanks to a twelve total sport modes including indoor and outdoor running, cycling, hiking, yoga, climbing, soccer, basketball, gym, rowing, spinning, and free training, the way to collect the data from your pedometer is correctly adapted to the type of movements that the user would perform. This helps to get more reliable statistics of daily performance.

In addition, your sedentary alerts can indicate times of day when you’ve been sitting for too long, while its automatic sleep quality meter collects the number of hours that one is in a period of light or deep sleep according to how much one moves in bed.

With compatibility for operating systems Android 6.0 onwards and iOS 11.0 or higher, It is not only feasible to store the user’s physical data through Bluetooth 5.0 synchronization and compatibility with the brand’s exercise App, Haylou Fit, but also to receive notifications of incoming calls, messages and emails received from different social Apps, search for the lost phone, control smartphone music playback, and so on.

Haylou LS05S RT availability and price

In order to buy the Haylou LS05S RT It is possible to do it from different stores, such is the case of Amazon with shipments to much of the world as well as on the Chinese platform Gearbest discounted price for a limited time worth taking advantage of.

  • Modern and lightweight design
  • Various sports modes
  • Acceptable battery life
  • Various functions when synchronizing with the mobile
  • Does not include WiFi or GPS connectivity
  • Other available colors would be appreciated
Total score


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