Android 12 will allow you to add an invisible button to your smartphone

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android 12.jpg

Maybe you don’t know that iOS 14 includes among its novelties a new function called Touch back, which the general public has baptized as Invisible button. This is a way to create “shortcuts” for certain functions, just by double-tapping the back of the device, for example, screenshots. Now, we know that Android 12 wants to include this feature that was left in the pipeline in their beta of Android 11 and with which Apple was ahead.

This is how the invisible button of Android 12 will work

This invisible button has already been tested in the Android 11 beta, but, for unknown reasons, it did not come out in the stable version of this operating system. Apple went ahead and did include it in iOS 14. In fact, there are certain viral videos circulating on networks such as TikTok in which it is claimed that the Cupertino company has given function to the apple in the back. It is not true (or at least not exactly), since it works anywhere in the back area, not just on the logo.

android 12 invisible button

This function of Touch back can be configured so that, with two touches on the back, a certain custom action. For example, capture the screen, open apps, invoke Google Assistant, among others. You will not need to install anything additional, since it will arrive natively with Android 12, just like it did in iOS 14.

On what devices will it be available?

For now, from Google they have indicated that this function will be available only for Pixels, although it is unknown if at some point the possibility of doing it on other smartphones will open or even if the brands themselves will include it in their developments. In any case, the developer preview version is expected to arrive in February 2021 and to begin reaching users in late summer.

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